Dyed Howlite Spikes Collar Necklace


Dyed Howlite spikes combined with Clear Quartz points create a necklace that is comfortable and calming to wear.  Finished with a Silver clasp.


Calm, tranquility

Balances the third eye chakra. Useful for calming the troubled or overactive mind, reducing stress and inducing peaceful sleep at night. Helps control rage and other negative impulses and enourages patience, tolerance and a positive attitude. Brings calm, reason and clarity to conversations. Improves memory and facilitates learning by opening the mind to wisdom and new knowledge. Enhances insight and meditation, helps access deep seated memories including past lives. Accelerates metabolism and elimination, purifies the blood and balances calcium deficiencies in the body. Balances energy flows in chaotic spaces and infuses them with peaceful energy and tranquility.

Clear Quartz

Harmony, Alignment, Purification

Balances the Crown Chakra.  Brings the energy of the stars into the soul.  Harmonizes and aligns human energies – thoughts, consciousness, emotions – with the energies of the universe.  Dispels static electricity and balances all energy fields in the vicinity.  Assists in entering altered states of consciousness and receiving information from the spiritual and otherworldly masters, teachers and healers.  Stimulates psychic abilities and connects the physical and spiritual dimensions.  Purifies the physical, mental and emotional bodies, heals negative perceptions and invites positive thoughts and feelings.  Enhances a deep connection the self and the universe, encouraging genuine enthusiasm “for the benefit of all.”  Treats disorders of the mind, vertigo, dizziness and promotes emotional stability.  Useful for eliminating toxins from the body, reducing fevers and relieving pain.

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