Lapis Lazuli Points convertible necklace/bracelet/crown/headband


Lapis Lazuli points are combined with silver or gold coated hematite and strung on Blue or Black Leather.  This convertible piece can be worn as a necklace at the length of your choosing, a wrap bracelet, a crown or an anklet.

Lapis Lazuli

Consciousness, Memory, Meditation

Deep balancer, works with the third eye and throat chakras. Removes deep levels of stress and trauma from your system. Encourages deep silence and perspective, where profound intuition and inspiration arise. Enhances meditation, helping to access levels of universal truth and balance far beyond individual concepts of right and wrong. Heals deep or chronic wounds of all sorts. Can be used to treat disorders of the ears, throat, bone marrow and immune system. Helpful for depression and anxiety. Brings serenity and self-acceptance. Expands awareness and intellectual capacity.


Memory, Grounding

Balances the third eye and crown chakras. Called a “stone of the mind,” it helps you to organize your thoughts and enhances both mental and manual dexterity. Provides a calming atmosphere and uses the magnetic qualities of the meridians in the body to balance yin/yang energies. Assists in dissolving negativity and bringing emotional clarity. Useful for anxiety.

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