Aventurine (faceted)



Tranquil, positive

Perhaps the best balancing stone for the heart chakra.  Encourages calmness and a positive outlook.  Cleanses negativity  and releases emotional pain in a gentle, effective way. Calms anger and irritation and inspires compassion. Helps to release childhood anxieties and fears.  Useful for meditation and creative visualization.  Improves clarity of insight, perception and creativity.   Regulates blood pressure, reduces allergies, eases nausea and stimulates metabolism.  Neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution, including emanations from cell phones, computers and tvs.  With its calm energy, it is useful for treating phobias of all kinds and especially claustrophobia. 

When choosing your size, measure your wrist and add 1/4-1/2 inch for comfort. If your wrist is a different size than the options given, please tell me your size in the comments when you order.  Thank you!

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