Red Carnelian



Healing, soothing, creative

Balances the root and sacral chakras.  Gently activating and warming, encourages the natural healing abilities of the body.  Removes the fear of death and promotes acceptance of the cycles of life.  Stimulates creativity.  Energizes the sacral chakra and helps release trauma and imbalances here, even if they have been present for many years.  Helps to restore the energy flow where there is rigidity, stiffness or inflammation. It has a powerful grounding effect, anchoring you to your body and healing physical abuse.  Restores vitality when you are depleted.  Helps with low back pain and arthritis.  Can be used to cleanse other crystals.  Protects against envy, rage or resentment in yourself or others.

When choosing your size, measure your wrist and add 1/4-1/2 inch for comfort. If your wrist is a different size than the options given, please tell me your size in the comments when you order.  Thank you!


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