Amazonite Points & Silver Coated Hematite bracelet



Calming, Communicative

Balances the heart and throat chakras. Soothes and stabilizes the nervous system. Enhances personal expression and creativity, and stimulates a sincere desire to understand and to learn. Dispels fear, worry and irritation. Assists in understanding messages from both within and without the self. Encourages self-awareness and self-love.


Memory, Grounding

Balances the third eye and crown chakras. Called a “stone of the mind,” it helps you to organize your thoughts and enhances both mental and manual dexterity. Provides a calming atmosphere and uses the magnetic qualities of the meridians in the body to balance yin/yang energies. Assists in dissolving negativity and bringing emotional clarity. Useful for anxiety.

When choosing your size, measure your wrist and add 1/4-1/2 inch for comfort. If your wrist is a different size than the options given, please tell me your size in the comments when you order.  Thank you!

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